"Ministry for Racial Justice and Equality" of Philadelphia YM

THINKING ABOUT RACE (Nov. 20090 – Philadelphia Yearly Meeting has, as part of its structure, a “Ministry for Racial Justice and Equality.”  These paragraphs form the core of their Mission statement:

“We are a diverse group of Friends who have felt called to this work as we struggle with the effects of racism in our own lives. … We are also aware that our Meeting communities do not yet reflect the diversity we are blessed with within our own families, neighborhoods and towns.

”For centuries Friends of Color have lifted up a concern that had been missing and neglected, which is that Friends in North America are not living up to our faith. The PYM Ad Hoc Group on Racial Justice and Equality was born of its members’ concern about the ways in which our relationship with each other, and indeed with the Holy Spirit, is affected by the realities of these disparities and injustices in so many dimensions of our lives.

”If our lives are to give testimony to equality among all human beings, we ask ourselves: what is the work to do to heal our own spirits?”
Friends who wish to explore this Ministry’s page on the PYM website may do so at www.pym.org/pym_wgs/racialjustice_wg.php.  It includes links to the full mission statement, to upcoming activities, to the website of Dr. Amanda Kemp, whom BYM Friends will meet at our 2010 Annual Sessions in Frostburg, to lists of resources for children and adults, and more.

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