"Race and Racism Minute" of New York YM

THINKING ABOUT RACE (Dec. 2009) – At their annual sessions in July, Friends in New York Yearly Meeting approved the following “Race and Racism Minute” – (Approved July 24, 2009)

“Friends know, by our experience, that there is “that of God” in every person. Today, we in New York Yearly Meeting (NYYM) seek to live into this truth and the testimony of equality.

“We recognize that the concept of race and the practice of racism are created by society at large, to which we belong, and that some of us have benefited from an economic and social system that has exploited others of us. We regret the damage these practices have caused, whether intentional or through ignorance, to others and ourselves.

“We affirm the necessity for each of us to examine racism and white privilege, and the fear underlying these divisions among us. In going forward together we may make mistakes, and we understand that our only hope is to love one another. We will move with the Spirit to seek justice, healing, and reconciliation within our Yearly Meeting.”

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