Realizing that racism is a barrier to Friends’ relationship with the divine, both individually and as meetings, the Working Group on Racism has, as its mission, to:

  • Support Friends in our growing ability to see that of God in people across racial, ethnic, and cultural differences.
  • Raise the awareness of BYM Friends regarding the realities of racial and ethnic discrimination and oppression in America, including institutional and cultural racism, and the ways these phenomena affect all of us.
  • Listen to those who express concerns about “being made to feel guilty” in order to create a more comfortable climate for discussion.
  • Create a climate in our meetings that embraces people who are drawn to Friends’ beliefs and worship, regardless of racial or ethnic identity.
  • Develop and share outreach approaches for attracting a diversity of people to our meetings.
  • Deepen our understanding and appreciation of the ways in which Friends meetings are both enriched and challenged by diversity.